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CPU Frequency Scaling

To reduce power consumption is not only essential for portable computers, it is also essential to use it on desktop machines to reduce unnecessary CO2 emisson. You can save power by turning off not needed hardware components like WiFi, Bluetooth, etc., turning off or reduce monitor backlight, spinning down HDDs and controling CPU frequency.

CPU frequency scaling is built into 2.6 kernel and available, but because of Slitaz is very small and light, you have to install some additional tools and set it up by yourself.

install linux-cpufreq, linux-acpi, cpufrequtils and optional powertop (for easy controling) - cpufrequtils and powertop we have to take from cooking, because cpufrequtils does not exist in 3.0 and powertop is buggy.

# tazpkg get-install linux-cpufreq
# tazpkg get-install linux-acpi,
# wget
# wget
# tazpkg install cpufrequtils-008.tazpkg
# tazpkg install powertop-1.13.tazpkg

!!!not finished!!

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