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You must read the Cookbook first. Its a great collection of documents. This guides supplements the cookbook with some tips that you are likely to face while compiling a package for SliTaz


  1. Add “slitaz-dev-pkgs” package. Its a meta package to add some of the useful *-dev packages
  2. Compilation Errors like
    • checking for \$PKG… configure: error: Couldn't find \$PKG >= 1.0.0,
    • configure: error: Couldn't find FILENAME


  tazpkg search-pkgname FILENAME 
   Add the package with the particular file to BUILD_DEPENDS
- Read receipts of other packages. The problems you face may already have a solution in one of the receipts. Some examples receipts include: 
     * cups: to strip files other than .so in usr/lib, and to compress some driver files
     * ndiswrapper-driver: to cook linux modules
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