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 |Quality| Poor FIXME | |Quality| Poor FIXME |
 |Review| Major Updates or DELETEME | |Review| Major Updates or DELETEME |
-|Priority| ​Medium ​+|Priority| ​Low 
-|Problems| add [[http://​|forum post link]]| +|Problems| add [[http://​|forum post link]]| 
-|:::     | OR add [[http://​​issues |lab issue tracker link ]]|+|:::     | OR add [[http://​​issues |lab issue tracker link ]]|
 |How to Improve| Suggest briefly, e.g.,| |How to Improve| Suggest briefly, e.g.,|
 |::: |  [[http://​​wiki/​packages | New test guidilines are here]]| |::: |  [[http://​​wiki/​packages | New test guidilines are here]]|
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