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-====== The Tor Install ​Guide without blah-blah ​======+====== The Tor Installation ​Guide ====== 
 +This guide allows you to use the anonymous TOR network with most web browsers and command line tools such as wget. Begin by installing TOR:
 <​code>​ <​code>​
-#tazpkg get-install tor +# tazpkg get-install tor 
-#tazpkg get-install privoxy +# tazpkg get-install privoxy 
-#echo '​forward-socks4a ​/​9050 ​  ​.'​ >> /​etc/​privoxy/​config +# echo '​forward-socks5t ​/​9050 ​  ​.'​ >> /​etc/​privoxy/​config 
-#sed -r '/​RUN_DAEMONS/​s/​("​ *)$/ privoxy\1/'​ -i /​etc/​rcS.conf  +# sed -r '/​RUN_DAEMONS/​s/​("​ *)$/ privoxy\1/'​ -i /​etc/​rcS.conf  
-#echo 'tor > /dev/tty2 & ' >> ​/​etc/​init.d/​ /​etc/​init.d/​privoxy start
 </​code>​ </​code>​
-Use Bridges ​to get tor working if the option above is not working.+You can use Vidalia ​to start and configure ​torthe proxy server ​is launched automatically when the SliTaz system boots. Once installed, you will find Vidalia in the Menu -> Internet. To configure preferences via the proxy server with the following values: Proxy address: **** Port: **8118** and the path to the configuration file: **/​home/​USER/​.config/​torrc** (changing USER by User name).
 <​code>​ <​code>​
-#echo '+# tazpkg get-install vidalia 
 +# exit 
 +$ cp /​etc/​tor/​torrc ~/.config 
 +Use Bridges to get tor working if the above options are not working. 
 +# echo '
 UseBridges 1 UseBridges 1
 UpdateBridgesFromAuthority 1 UpdateBridgesFromAuthority 1
-bridge​6085 ' >> /etc/tor/torrc+bridge​6085 ' >> ​~/.config/torrc
 </​code>​ </​code>​
-=== Reboot system and relogin. === 
-Login to tty2 (Ctrl+Alt+F2 gets you into tty2Alt+F7 back to the Desktopto check if it works or not. +===== Verification and Advice ===== 
-If it shows Success... then this means it works.+ 
 +For more added securitydo not launch TOR via the '​root'​ user, Vidalia is perfect for this (or the command line). To check your current browser with TOR:
-Then install the "tor button"​ plugin for Firefox.+----  
 +^  Page Review Section ​ ^^  
 +|Quality| Medium ​ | 
 +|Review| Minor Updates ​ | 
 +|Priority| Low | 
 +|Problems| add a [[http://​|forum post link]]| 
 +|:::     | OR add a [[http://​​issues |lab issue tracker link ]]| 
 +|How to Improve| Introduction is missing| 
 +|::: |  |
-Over the Wall, you can touch everywhere in the world.+\\ 
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