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The Tor Install Guide without blah-blah

#tazpkg get-install tor
#tazpkg get-install privoxy
#echo 'forward-socks4a /   .' >> /etc/privoxy/config
#sed -r '/RUN_DAEMONS/s/(" *)$/ privoxy\1/' -i /etc/rcS.conf 
#echo 'tor > /dev/tty2 & ' >> /etc/init.d/

Use Bridges to get tor working if the options above are not working.

#echo '
UseBridges 1
UpdateBridgesFromAuthority 1
bridge ' >> /etc/tor/torrc

Reboot system and relogin.

Login to tty2 (Ctrl+Alt+F2 gets you into tty2; Alt+F7 back to the Desktop) to check if it works or not. If it shows Success… then this means it works.

Then install the “tor button” plugin for Firefox.

Over the Wall, you can touch everywhere in the world.

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