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 ====== WICD ====== ====== WICD ======
-[[http://​​en:​guides:​network-script|Panksos ​openbox treat]] is very near to WICD, but if you set up SliTaz for not experienced users its recommanded to use WICD for Wireless Internet Control+[[http://​​en:​guides:​network-script|Pankso'​s ​openbox treat]] is very close to WICD, but if you want to set up SliTaz for not very experienced users it's recommended that you use WICD for Wireless Internet Control.
-do as root:+Do as root:
 <​code>#​ tazpkg get-install wicd <​code>#​ tazpkg get-install wicd
 # leafpad /​etc/​rcS.conf</​code>​ # leafpad /​etc/​rcS.conf</​code>​
-In /​etc/​rcS.conf remove ​in the section RUN_SCRIPTS +In ///​etc/​rcS.conf// remove ​from the section RUN_SCRIPTS: **** 
-and add in the section RUN_DAEMONS wicd+and add to the section RUN_DAEMONS: **wicd**
-than as user:+Then as user:
 <​code>​$ leafpad .config/​openbox/​</​code>​ <​code>​$ leafpad .config/​openbox/​</​code>​
-add on the end:+And add to the end:
-<code># wicd Network Configuration +<file># wicd Network Configuration 
-wicd-client &</code>+wicd-client &</file>
-and remove the network-plugin from the LX-Panel by right cklicking ​on the network-plugin ​+Then remove the network-plugin from the LX-Panel by right clicking ​on the network-plugin
-reboot ​dont test before rebooting, because is interfering with WICDeven you stop it by typing /​etc/​int.d/​ stop+Reboot ​don'​t ​test before rebooting, because is interfering with WICD (even if you stop it by typing /​etc/​int.d/​ stop).
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