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-====== LiveUSB ======+This page describes how to make a slitaz live usb stick.
-===== From SliTaz ​=====+===== From Windows ​=====
-Download > Burn > Boot a SliTaz ​ISO image. Open Terminal > type in (change ​///dev/sda// if needed):+SliTaz ​Live USB installation can be performed using: 
 +  * [[|LinuxLive USB Creator]] 
 +  * [[​|Universal USB Installer]] 
 +  * UnetBootin 
 +  * TazUSB
 +<note warning>
 +**SliTaz with xorg-server and persistent /home requires a linux filesystem (ext2,ext3) for regular users to login to an X-session.**
 +**Fat32 or NTFS filesystems cause slim login manager error:** //Failed To Execute Login Command// </​note>​
 +<note tip>​__//​Solution://​__ \\
 +**SliTaz runs in RAM so after booting it no longer needs the flash drive.** \\
 +**This enables you to reformat the flash drive to a linux filesystem and reinstall SliTaz.** \\ </​note>​
 +  - Install SliTaz with [[http://​​|LinuxLive USB Creator]] or [[http://​​universal-usb-installer-easy-as-1-2-3/​|Universal USB Installer]] \\
 +  - Copy the slitaz.iso to the root of the flash drive. \\
 +  - Boot into SliTaz with the flash drive,login root, password: root \\
 +  - [[http://​​en:​handbook:​commands|Mount]] the flash drive,copy the slitaz.iso to /root \\
 +  - Use **From SliTaz** instructions above to format the flash drive ext2, reinstall SliTaz using ISO file as install source.
 +<note warning>​**Tazusb.exe and Unetbootin do not work with any cooking.iso,​ rolling.iso or slitaz-4.0.iso (core 4-in-1)** .
 +They will work with [[http://​​iso/​4.0/​flavors/​slitaz-4.0-core.iso|slitaz-4.0-core.iso]] or another single rootfs.gz flavor found [[http://​​iso/​4.0/​flavors/​|here]].</​note>​
 +<note warning>​**Tazusb.exe does not work with any cooking.iso,​ rolling.iso or slitaz-5.0.iso**.
 +The .iso file must be renamed to an .exe file, i.e.:
 +    * boot into windows,
 +    * download the latest slitaz-rolling.iso,​
 +    * go to the downloaded file directory,
 +    * rename the file slitaz-rolling.iso to slitaz-rolling.exe,​
 +    * double-click on the file slitaz-rolling.exe to run it,
 +    * follow the instructions given by the application (2-3 steps):
 +    *- Do you want to create a boot key: => answer yes,
 +    *- Step 1: unplug the USB stick,
 +    *- Step 2: plug the USB stick in and wait for Windows to mount it,
 +    *- wait for the confirmation window,
 +    * reboot,
 +    * press Fn key to choose alternative boot device, slitaz boot panel must be displayed,
 +    *- select the language,
 +    *- RETURN to boot.
 +====== Remarks when using UNetbootin ======
 +You can find UNetbootin for Windows at [[http://​​unetbootin-windows-latest.exe|this page]]. Note that you need to select SliTaz ISO from the Distribution list in unetbootin. To create a Live USB, select “USB Drive” under installation type.
 +You can also choose to do a frugal install. To perform a Frugal Install, select “Hard Disk” under installation type.
 +====== Remarks when using TazUSB ======
 +The binary file **TazUSB.exe** is a Windows executable that installs an ISO file on a USB drive. \\
 +  * download TazUSB executable for Windows: [[http://​​packages/​windows/​tazusb.exe|tazusb.exe]] (the sources are available here [[http://​​tazusb/​raw-file/​tip/​win32/​tazusb.nsi|tazusb.nsi]])
 +  * plug in your USB drive and format it in **FAT32** (formatting might not be required),
 +  * launch TazUSB application by double-clicking on **TazUSB.exe** executable file,
 +  * choose the language,
 +  * select the destination USB drive (**double-check that the letter refers to the correct drive**),
 +  * select the SliTaz **iso**
 +===== From Linux =====
 +====== From any Linux distro ======
 +* You can use unetbootin; download from [[http://​​unetbootin-linux-latest|here]].
 +====== From Slitaz linux ======
 +Download > Burn > Boot a SliTaz ISO image
 +**__//​Verify the install target, format will delete everything.//​__** ​
 <​code>​ <​code>​
-su +su root 
-root +# fdisk -l 
-tazusb format ​ +tazusb format /dev/sdxx
-> enter a name such as /dev/sda1 or type '​list'​... wait ... +
-tazusb gen-liveusb ​/dev/sda1+
 </​code>​ </​code>​
-wait…. and then reboot!+**//LiveCD as install source//​** 
 +# tazusb gen-liveusb /dev/sdxx 
-===== From Windows =====+**//Iso file as install source//​** 
 +# tazusb gen-iso2usb slitaz.iso /dev/sdxx 
 +Note that the /dev/sdxx part of the command above specifies the location to where you need to write the iso's files to; it is not the source media where the iso is on ! With the iso file as install source option, you should hence specify the exact location where the slitaz iso  source file is located. If it is located at /home/tux (while running slitaz from a non-live version), write "​tazusb gen-iso2usb /​home/​tux/​slitaz.iso /​dev/​sdxx"​. If the source file is found on an external hard disk, mention the folder in which the media'​s files are outputted to - check this with PCManFM (in practice the folder can be something like /​media/​disk). So, the command you'd need to write with the latter would be something like "​tazusb gen-iso2usb /​media/​disk/​slitaz.iso /​dev/​sdxx"​
-A SliTaz Live USB installation or a Frugal Install ​ can be performed using [[http://​​|UNetbootin]].+Once done, wait… and then reboot!
-You may either choose: ​ +===== SliTaz 4.0 kernel panic (not booting) ===== 
-  ​* ​the standard version ([[http://​​unetbootin-windows-latest.exe|Windows]] | [[|Linux]]) : select SliTaz ISO from the Distribution list in unetbootin, or  +In Slitaz 4.0 the rootfs file is divided into 4 parts which is a problem with tazusb.exe and UNetbootinFor SliTaz to work with tazusb.exe and Unetbootin you must download the [[|core flavor of SliTaz]] consisting of a single file rootfs.
-  * a custom SliTaz version ([[|Windows]] | [[http://​​unetbootin-linux-latest|Linux]]).+
-To create a Live USB, select “USB Drive” under installation type.+===== Sources ===== 
 +  * [[http://​​tag/​how-to-install-slitaz-4-0-on-usb/​ ]]
-You can also choose to do frugal installTo perform a Frugal Install, select “Hard Disk” under installation type;+===== See also ===== 
 +  * [[http://​​en:​handbook:​liveusb]]
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 |Problems| add a [[http://​|forum post link]]| |Problems| add a [[http://​|forum post link]]|
 |:::     | OR add a [[http://​​issues |lab issue tracker link ]]| |:::     | OR add a [[http://​​issues |lab issue tracker link ]]|
-|How to Improve| ​Add tazusb.exea SliTaz alternative to unetbootin ​|+|How to Improve| ​Give more details on using multiboot programs like YUMIMultisystem,​ ...| 
 +|:::           | What about if using drive greater that 3GB? |
 |::: |   | |::: |   |
 \\ \\
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