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Release tasks

Things to do before publishing a new version.

20140502 <pankso> 5.0 is out RC. The current things to do are:

  • Write the Release Notes in English here on the Wiki, then static xHTML for translation on the list and commits in slitaz-doc
  • Update docs in this wiki. The Handbook must be hugely improved or removed since people use the guides section (ex liveUSB has 2 pages…)

Cooking & RC

  • Make sure all repos are tagged to include latest changes and are updated into the wok. Release source tarballs and push them to mirror with tazdev
    # hg tag 4.4 && hg push
    # tazdev relpkg slitaz-tools 4.4
  • Make sure all packages are built on Tank, generate a new package list with cook.
    # cooker
    # cook pkgdb --flavors
  • Sync the mirror with newly built packages.
    # tazdev -p username
  • Use a chroot and tazdev (or conspy -f 4 on Tank) to build ISOs
  • IMPORTANT: Use the packages on to build the ISOs (rm -rf /home/slitaz/packages && tazpkg -cc)
  • If the flavors repo has been modified don't forget to update it in the chroot
  • Build a core with Tazlito:
    # tazlito pack-flavor core
    # tazlito get-flavor core
    # tazlito gen-distro
  • Boot this ISO with Qemu, burn it to a CD and boot, make a live USB and boot to make sure everything works.
  • When on the desktop, try ALL desktop entries and a few commands or latest code.
  • Connect to the web and install a few packages to test them
  • IMPORTANT: Install to HD and reboot, users should got an X environment without any other modifications. Installation and upgrade is really important for 4.0 since we have a new installer.
  • Prepare website and Distrowatch announcement and send it on the list.
  • Build all flavor ISOs and upload them to the mirror
  • Commit website news and update website - Post on SCN and Twitter
  • Open a new thread on the forum for feedback and share the URL


  • After some Cooking and a few RCs
  • Release version is specified by /etc/slitaz-release, this file is controlled by slitaz-base-files. Base files are tagged just before a stable release to change the version string and let Tazpkg use the new packages.
  • Check that the SliTaz version specified in /etc/issue message is the same as displayed in isolinux.cfg for Vesa menu, here the syslinux package must be modified.
  • When all other repos are tagged like for a cooking, update all packages, we can tag the main wok.
  • Remove the current stable wok and copy the cooking wok in place.
  • Sync Tank with mirror
  • Go on mirror and copy all cooking packages to the stable string.
  • Remove stable string in cooking wok and slitaz-base-file repo (update it again) so it goes back to a normal state and devs can start commiting. Toolchain updates may be discussed at this moment.
  • Build ISOs from a stable chroot or running system and use packages on the main mirror as usual.
  • Test, test, and test again…
  • Prepare the website announcement and RSS feeds. The Mailing list is used for translation and any text should be submitted 1 or 2 days before release.
  • Upload ISOs to mirror, commits news and update the website
  • Spread the word and go to sleep…

Stable documentation

SliTaz stable release provides the release notes on the LiveCD through the package slitaz-doc, the repos are tagged just before release and are archived on the mirror. After the wok has been copied to wok-stable, the docs are back to a cooking cycle and just provide an index with basic information. On the system, docs are located in /usr/share/doc/slitaz, a desktop file and icon are provided in the sources package and can be used to have quick access to the documentation.

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