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Boot time

SliTaz boots fast! But most likely you haven't turned super fast boot on yet. To do this, just edit your /etc/rcS.conf :


Remove dbus, hald and slim from the RUN_DAEMONS array. That's all. Note, on some machines, FAST_BOOT_X may not boot properly. However, if Xvesa/Xorg works after you enable this feature, it's safe to leave it on.

Now, how do you measure the boot time? SliTaz logs time that rcS scripts take to run in the /var/log/boot-time file. In my case, it shows 5 secs.

But, how do you graph your full boot process (including the kernel-boot time)? Its quite easy on SliTaz. Just do and install the following:

 # tazpkg get-install pybootchartgui 

Pybootchartgui will then create a chart automatically in /var/log.

Now, just edit your menu.lst file for grub and add init=/sbin/bootchartd. In my case, it's like this:

title slitaz with bootchart
root (hd0,8)
kernel /boot/vmlinuz- root=/dev/sda9 init=/sbin/bootchartd quiet

Here's my boot chart with WPA2 wifi (under 10 secs boot time on a laptop with hard disk). This is out-of-the-box!!!:

My bootchart

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