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The problems listed in this page refer to the Slitaz 3.0 environment.

Burning a CD with Burnbox

To burn a CD, you have to be root (it will NOT work from your default TUX account, even if TUX has been added to the cdrom group).

In Burnbox; enclose the file and folder names between quotes if they contain a space (eg “My Documents”), otherwise it will fail to find the document.


With AbiWord you MUST install glibc-locale too, it was forgotten as a dependency, but it is needed for AbiWord to work properly.

Chat entry of the Internet menu

This should install pidgin and skype. Practically it has sometimes (but not always) installed pidgin, and always failed to install Skype. Install Pigin and Skype (well, get-skype) from the package manager.

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