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This guide explain how to setup a chroot to cook packages in a separate environment. The chroot can be built on a USB or HDD device to save RAM when using a live session. There is also a script which removes any packages installed during cooking on exit in order to keep the chroot light and also checks the build_depends.

With Tazdev

Over time the SliTaz developers created tools for the automation of various tasks. The slitaz-dev-tools package provides the tazdev utility and its configuration file /etc/slitaz/tazdev.conf; it can create a chroot to use:

# tazpkg get-install slitaz-dev-tools
# tazdev gen-chroot
# tazdev chroot

By default the chroot is created in /home/slitaz/cooking/chroot and is slitaz-based. For more info and available commands you can use 'tazdev usage' and/or take a look at the configuration file.

Create the chroot

mkdir /home/chroot
# You can mount a device to /home/chroot
# with mountbox or mount
tazpkg get-install busybox --root="/home/chroot"
echo "No" | tazpkg get-install bash --root="/home/chroot"
tazpkg get-install slitaz-toolchain --root="/home/chroot"
tazpkg get-install tazwok --root="/home/chroot"
tazpkg get-install tazpkg --root="/home/chroot"
tazpkg get-install lzma --root="/home/chroot"
mkdir /home/chroot/home/slitaz

Note, you can keep these lines in a script file if needed. Just add #!/bin/sh to the first line and make executable with:

# chmod +x script_file

Add a script file to automate some actions

# cat > /home/chroot/ << "EOF"
/bin/sh --login
for pkg in $(cat /var/log/tazpkg.log | grep -v Removed | sed 's/\(.*\)\(- Installed - \)\(.*\)\( (.*\)/\3/'); do
	echo "y" | tazpkg remove $pkg
rm /var/log/tazpkg.log

# chmod +x "/home/chroot/"

Note, /bin/sh –login logs you into the chrooted environment. The commands after that auto-remove any packages added when cooking on exit. You can hack this file to execute various automated actions when entering and exiting the chroot.

Add a script to mount and umount chroot

# cat > /usr/bin/tazchroot << "EOF"
cat /etc/resolv.conf > /home/chroot/etc/resolv.conf
if [ ! -d "/home/chroot/proc/1" ]; then
	echo "Mounting virtual filesystems..."
	mount -t proc proc /home/chroot/proc
	mount -t sysfs sysfs /home/chroot/sys
	mount -t devpts devpts /home/chroot/dev/pts
	mount -t tmpfs shm /home/chroot/dev/shm
	mount /home/slitaz /home/chroot/home/slitaz
	chroot /home/chroot ./
	until [ "$ps" = "2" ]; do
		echo "Waiting for the end of all other chroot processes..."
		ps=$(ps | grep `basename $0` | grep -v grep | grep -v basename | wc -l)
		sleep 1
	umount /home/chroot/home/slitaz
	umount /home/chroot/dev/shm
	umount /home/chroot/dev/pts
	umount /home/chroot/sys
	umount /home/chroot/proc
	echo "The chroot is already mounted"
# chmod +x /usr/bin/tazchroot

Note, this script mounts /home/slitaz in your chroot, so you can use tazwok as if it was in your normal environment.

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