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An Application Cannot Find Libraries/Files


  • When run in a Terminal, an application fails with the message:
 [name]: error while loading shared libraries: [library].so.*: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory


The program is missing some files it needs to run. This is caused by the package information missing a reference to another, or not including the file.


Check if the file required is available in another package. Use the package manager (TazPkg) to search for the file:

  • start the package manager
  • 'Recharge' the package lists, if necessary
  • click the “Search” tab
  • in the Search box, enter the file-name ([library].so) and click “Files”
  • install the package (pick that with the closest name if there is more than one) by double-clicking the entry and clicking Install Package

Alternatively, run the following command from a terminal:

tazpkg search-pkgname

… and install the appropriate package with:

 tazpkg get-install [package] 

If no packages are given, report this as a bug over at the Labs as it needs to be included, or the dependency removed during the build.

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