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Cannot Login to Desktop


  • Slim, the SliTaz Login Manager, fails with the message:
 failed to execute login command 

Verify the SliTaz install partition is not full and formated with a linux filesystem such as ext3. Using fat32 or ntfs filesystems cause login failure.


The following files must exist, this can be verified with the ls -la command:

  • .Xdefaults
  • .xinitrc
  • something else?


You should copy the default files from the template located in the /etc/skel directory. This happens automatically when a new user is created with the SliTaz Control Box, but not when using the command-line utilities. Occasionally users experience these files being removed or modified/broken.

Switch to the root (super) user:

 su root 

Change to the affected users /home directory:

 cd /home/USERNAME 

Set the shell options to allow the dot (.) to be included in file names:

 shopt -s dotglob 

Copy all files, recursively:

 cp -r /etc/skel/* /home/USERNAME 

Change ownership of all files and directories in the user's home to that of the affected user:


Restore the shell options:

 shopt -u dotglob 

The essential files should now be restored!


 shopt -u dotglob 

is not working in slitaz-3.0.iso - instead of this run in addition:

 chown -R USERNAME:USERGROUP /home/USERNAME/.[a-zA-Z0-9]*

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