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There are a variety of terminal emulators available for SliTaz and even more for Linux. SliTaz comes with the venerable XTerm, a basic but functioning program.

You may experience some problems with any graphical program, some more serious than others. By running them via a Terminal, any output will appear in the Terminal window so you can identify any problems. Just find its command, type it and press Enter.


Cannot Copy/Paste


  • I cannot find the copy/paste feature
  • Right-click for a menu does not work as expected


XTerm does not have a right-click menu – or any other menu for that matter – but selection is activated by using the mouse buttons.


Selection, copy and paste is achievable using the mouse buttons. The three mouse buttons works thus:

  • left click defines where the selection begins
  • middle click defines where the selection ends & copies it to clipboard
  • right click pastes the clipboard contents to the current cursor, not mouse, position
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