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hal-removal for 5.0

just to avoid errors its good to plan and document this process

Package Status Who Link / Discussion / Bugreport
udev open udev rules maybe should be in /lib/udev/rules.d - because applications drop it there
udev rules written by the administrator go in /etc/udev/rules.d/, their file name has to end with .rules. The udev rules shipped with various packages are found in /lib/udev/rules.d/. If there are two files by the same name under /lib and /etc, the ones in /etc take precedence. There is an error in the arch doku - because all rules are in /lib - /usr/lib/udev does not exits - corrected here but maybe not a must, because opensuse 12.2 still has the ude vrules still in /etc
also useful - the gentoo doku (nvidia troubles)
– Pankso note – Now udev (from version 182) is shipped in systemd source tree… so we will have a systemd package but split udev into a light package and by default last udev install all rules in /usr/lib/udev…
systemd open should replace init.d - NO (at least not now) - Systemd will replace all our boot scripts and process! First our boot scripts are realy special, even not sysV and easily modifiable since ther pure shell scripts. Second systemd is a huge package for our base system (more than 5 Mb). Third, if we switch we must heavely customize it and have *.service file for each daemon (slim, lighttpd, etc). Last, systemd aims is to speed up boot time, but we alredy boot faster than sysV. If one want to see the amount of work before using systemd (even as replacement, not default), you can install it from undigest repo and add an entry to grub menu.list with init=/bin/systemd - Pankso
libpng open up to libpng 1.5.x
dashel open
should not be a problem
gnomad2 open
Gnomad 2.9.6 is released - we delete HAL support and slam in libgudev support in its place, HAL is deprecated now
gtkpod open should not be a problem, when gtkpod finds no hal depencies
gxine open should be no problem
hal-cups-utils open must be replaced by udev-config-printer
hal-dev open just to delete
libexo-dev open maybe update to 0.6.0 -1, but perhaps just to delete the depency in libexo-dev, because all other exo packages have no depency on hal
files hal-extra open just to delete
hal-info open just to delete
hal-scripts open just to delete
ivman open just to delete
libgphoto2 open maybe it must be configured with option without hal
libgphoto2_port - added –with/–without configure options for: bonjour, hal
hplip open udev rules should be shipped with hplip
libgphoto2-dev open same as libgphoto2
sane-backends open should be no problem - needs the 55-libsane.rules shiped with sane either in lib or in etc
brscan open should not be a problem perhaps edit the the udev-rules
brscan2 open same as brscan
sane-backends-dev open same as sane-backends
xsane open indirect depency from sane-backends
pcmanfm done Christophe
just to delete / update in flavors to pcmanfm2
pcmanfm from 0.9 series has ported to use gvfs / udisk for volume management
lxde done fixed with
indirect depency from pcmanfm - was fixed with the fix of pcmanfm
relevant only lxsession (0.4.4-2 supports now power management through upower)
pmount open should not be a problem - not much infos
thunar-vfs open Released Thunar 1.1.1 and thunar-volman 0.5.0 with full support for udev and GIO and no dependency on HAL
thunar-vfs-dev open same as thunar
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