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Hardware Guide

Laptop Harddisk Graphics Display Sound WiFi Wired Keyboard
Lenovo T61 160GB ATA Nvidia NVS 140M
Driver: nv (xorg)
1400 x 900 Intel Corporation 82801H
Driver: snd-hda-intel
Intel Corporation PRO/Wireless 4965 AG
Driver: n/k
Intel Corporation 82566MM
Driver: e1000

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Page Review Section
Quality Good
Review Minor Updates required
Priority Medium
Problems Program netbox missing in SliTaz 5.0
How to Improve Improve readability
Replacement for netbox?


This section is valid only for SliTaz up to version 4.0


Append screen=text to boot SliTaz in console mode




from /etc/rcS.conf causes xserver not to be started!

Important note

Tinkering with /etc/fstab might make your system unusable!


Italics within code sections do not work:

$ cp -a //source// //target//

is not what was intended.

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