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TazWikiss is a port of the wiki software WiKiss. As it is a CGI application, it needs a web server supporting CGI and a browser - on SliTaz these are by default httpd (in busybox) and tazweb. The CGI scripts are shell scripts, so no other language interpreter is needed.

The software is installed in /var/www/wiki and the wiki pages are (by definition in the config file: /var/www/wiki/ stored in /var/www/wiki/pages.

The wiki pages are plain text files without any subdirectory hierarchy.


A running web server supporting CGI and a web browser.

Start TazWiKiss

via a desktop menu

→ Accessories → Wiki documents

via a command

$ tazweb

When logged in on the same system where the web server is running, else localhost is to be replaced by a name or IP address of the system where the wiki resides.


When TazWiKiss is not incorporated in the flavor you installed, you can add it by installing the package slitaz-dev-tools:

# tazpkg -gi slitaz-dev-tools


Help on wiki syntax

Help on the syntax is available from the welcome page of the delivered wiki by hyperlink help or helptable.

Hide wiki pages

To hide pages, the user can set a password on the page by inserting


Protection of wiki

To prevent unauthorised users from modifying the wiki, a password can be set in /var/www/wiki/ (or a language specific configuration file) by replacing PASSWORD=“” with PASSWORD=“modification-password”.

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