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SliTaz aims to provide some Assistive Technology (AT) tools.

Screen magnifier

SliTaz supplies a screen magnifier whose edges can be resized and that can magnify up to 16x. It also provides graphical tools that enable a crosshair, pixel positions and RGB values. It can be found in the Menu → Utilities:

 # tazpkg get-install magnifier

Espeak - Text to speech (TTS)

The espeak speech synthesizer run from the command line can speak text from an input file or from stdin and supports many languages. Espeak can adjust the amplitude, pitch, word gap, speed, etc. It can also write its output to a wave file rather than speaking it directly. Type espeak --help for a full list of available options:

 # tazpkg get-install espeak

Example of use:

 $ espeak -f example.txt

On-screen keyboard

Virtual keyboard (xvkbd) can be used to enter characters into the software of your choice. The menu can be used to change the keyboard layout, function keys, etc. It supports word completion, the removal of unwanted keys and can connect to a remote display. The configuration can be found in the ~/.Xdefaults file:

 # tazpkg get-install xvkbd

Yasr - Screen Reader

Yasr is a console (text-based) screen reader that operates through the speech-dispatcher interface and espeak:

 # tazpkg get-install yasr

To configure speech-dispatcher:

 # spd-conf 

Speech-dispatcher can be started/stopped like a daemon:

 # speech-dispatcher
 # killall speech-dispatcher


 $ yasr
 $ exit

The configuration files can be found in the /etc/speech-dispatcher or ~/.speech-dispatcher directories and the yasr configuration file is located in /usr/share/yasr.

Sticky/Slow/Mouse Keys in X

To enable the accessibility keys just edit your /etc/slim.conf file and logout of your X session:

default_xserver     /usr/bin/Xorg 
xserver_arguments   +accessx 

After you login again, to enable/disable:

  • Sticky keys: Press the shift key 5 times
  • Slow keys: Hold down the shift key for 8 seconds
  • Mouse keys: Hold down the left shift, left Alt and Num Lock keys

There is also a package in the repositories that can do all this in gui or command line mode: accessx. To install and run:

 # tazpkg get-install accessx
 $ ax help
 $ accessx
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