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Gcolor2 - Select and manage colors

Gcolor2 is a tool to select and retain palette colors. It can be useful for the creation of SliTaz themes, for example. It can be found in the Graphics category or run from the command line:

 $ gcolor2 & 

Gimp - Manipulate and create images

The GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) is software that can manipulate images to a very high quality level. It allows you to do what you would expect from an application that processes images, ie. layers, filters, support scripts adding functionality, etc. GIMP supports a large number of image formats such as: PNG, JPEG, XPM, PPM, TIFF, PostScript, PSD, it also offers its own XCF format. To install GIMP:

 # tazpkg get-install gimp 

GIMP is scalable and can be configured with the main interface - configuration files, brushes and personal scripts are located in the ~/.gimp-2.2 directory.

GQview - Image manager

GQview is very light and quick and allows you to navigate rapidly between images by selecting files in a directory tree with a single mouse click. It supports slideshows, image rotation, adding keywords and tags, drag and drop, and can display EXIF data. It also allows you to edit images in the software of your choice (Mtpaint, GIMP for example). To install GQview:

 # tazpkg get-install gqview 

jpeg - JPEG command line tools

To allow applications that use JPEG to function, linked libraries must be provided by the package jpeg-6b, this package also contains some tiny utilities that can be used on the command line such as cjpeg and djpeg. To modify JPEG images on the command line you can also use jpegtran, installed by default on SliTaz; jpegtran allows you to rotate images via the -rotate option. To find out all of the options available for these tools, just specify the --help option. Example:

 $ cjpeg --help 

mtPaint - Image processing

mtPaint is an application for the creation and retouching of PNG, TIFF, XPM and BMP images. It offers many simple, lightweight, fast functions like capture screen (screenshot) which you can access from the menu –> Graphics –> Grab screenshot, or via a terminal:

 $ mtpaint -s 

Viewnior - Elegant image viewer

Viewnior is a fast and simple image viewer with a minimalistic interface. It can rotate, flip, crop, save, delete images and supports fullscreen, slideshow, etc. To install:

# tazpkg get-install viewnior
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