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Abiword - Word Processor

Abiword is a word processor application rich in features. It contains fast, simple, intuitive lightweight tools and proposes the proper format (.abw), supporting Open Office and Microsoft Word documents, it can also export to PDF or HTML. To install Abiword on SliTaz just run:

 # tazpkg get-install abiword 

Osmo - Personal Organizer

Osmo is a small personal organizer providing a timetable and a list of tasks and contacts with the possibility of opening them directly in a web browser via a URL or a mail client using an email address. Osmo also offers a calendar, a date calculator and the ability to take notes classified by day. If you use USB media associated with the LiveCD, it will even retain your data for you. On an installed system, you can syncronize data with USB media by using Grsync. Osmo keeps its data in the hidden folder ~/.osmo.

SQLite - Tiny SQL Database engine

SQLite is a small relational SQL database engine whose entire database is stored in a single file. It's fast, powerful, speeds applications and implements most of the SQL92 standard. SQLite is ideal for managing small websites, while requiring minimal deployment. The official website for the project is:

ePDFView - Lightweight PDF viewer

To view PDF documents, SliTaz uses the epdfview package. This provides a fast, simple, easy to use PDF viewer. ePDFview uses GTK+ and the rendering library poppler, this enables you to view, move from page to page and search or navigate the index.

Gnumeric - Spreadsheet

Gnumeric is free spreadsheet program and has the ability to import/export several file formats such as CSV, Microsoft Excel, Latex, HTML, etc. As well as providing its own format: .gnumeric, it is also one of the most statistically accurate spreadsheets around. To install gnumeric on SliTaz:

 # tazpkg get-install gnumeric 

Homebank - Finance management

Homebank is a handy program to manage and compare bank accounts. Lightweight, fast and comprehensive, homebank is a good addition to Abiword and Gnumeric for an office suite that's light and easy to use. Website: To install homebank, you can use the graphical package manager or the command:

 # tazpkg get-install homebank

Notecase - Notes manager

Notecase is a software designed to organize and manage notes. It allows you to link pages, import or export notes and format text (bold, italics, etc). After installation notecase is located in the Menu → Office → Notecase notes manager.

 # tazpkg get-install notecase

Wikipedia - Online Encyclopedia

Wikipedia is a free online encyclopedia where you can find information on various subjects. To open the wikipedia, choose Office → Wikipedia Encyclopedia. Main website:

Zoho Viewer - Online document viewer

If you need to quickly edit a document and the right spreadsheet or word processor is not at hand, you can use the document viewer to quickly upload your file (up to 10 MB). And within a couple of seconds it will be available for reading and editing. To open Zoho on the menu, select Office → Zoho Document Viewer.

It currently supports most popular formats:

  • Microsoft Word (doc, docx), Excel (xls, xslx), PowerPoint (ppt, pptx)
  • Writer (odt, sxw), Spreadsheet (ods sxc), Presentation (opd, sxi)
  • Also pdf (experimental stage), rtf, html, txt, and others

Office Suites

If you want a complete office suite installed at Linux, there are some nice packages at SliTaz repositories:

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