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AT Codes for Country Select

Examples of country settings for some brands.

Country Conexant ACF Lucent Apollo/Mars Motorola SM56 USR Courier
Auto-Select *NC0 - - -
Argentina - - - C10=24
Australia *NC40 %T19,0,1 +GCI=09 C10=07
Austria *NC1 %T19,0,F +GCI=0A -
Belgium *NC2 %T19,0,2 +GCI=0F -
Brazil - - +GCI=16 C10=09
Bulgaria *NC27 - - -
Canada *NC20 %T19,0,1C +GCI=20 C10=00
China *NC41 %T19,0,11 - C10=10
CTR21 - - - C10=08
Czech Republic *NC19 - +GCI=2E C10=11
Denmark *NC3 %T19,0,3 +GCI=31 -
Finland *NC4 %T19,0,4 +GCI=3C -
France *NC5 %T19,0,5 +GCI=3D C10=04
Germany *NC6 %T19,0,6 +GCI=42 C10=02
Greece *NC17 %T19,0,21 - -
Hong Kong *NC42 %T19,0,1B +GCI=50 C10=12
Hungary *NC23 %T19,0,22 - C10=13
India *NC30 %T19,0,1E - C10=25
Indonesia - %T19,0,17 - C10=14
Ireland *NC7 %T19,0,1A +GCI=57 -
Israel *NC18 - +GCI=58 -
Italy *NC8 %T19,0,8 +GCI=59 C10=03
Japan *NC43 %T19,0,10 +GCI=00 C10=06
Korea *NC44 %T19,0,12 - C10=15
Luxembourg *NC9 - - -
Malaysia *NC92 %T19,0,13 +GCI=6C C10=16
Mexico *NC21 %T19,0,1D - C10=17
Netherlands *NC10 %T19,0,7 +GCI=7B -
New Zealand *NC48 %T19,0,9 - C10=18
Norway *NC11 %T19,0,A +GCI=82 -
Philipines *NC43 %T19,0,20 - -
Poland *NC24 - - C10=19
Portugal *NC12 %T19,0,18 +GCI=8B -
Romanaia - - - C10=20
Russia *NC25 - - C10=05
Singapore *NC47 %T19,0,14 +GCI=8C C10=21
Slovac Republic *NC26 - - -
South Africa *NC99 %T19,0,24 +GCI=9F C10=22
Spain *NC13 %T19,0,B +GCI=A0 -
Sweden *NC14 %T19,0,C +GCI=A5 -
Switzerland *NC15 %T19,0,D +GCI=A6 -
Taiwan *NC46 %T19,0,14 - C10=23
Thailand - %T19,0,16 +GCI=A9 -
Turkey - %T19,0,23 +GCI=AE -
UK *NC16 %T19,0,E +GCI=B4 C10=01
USA *NC22 %T19,0,19 +GCI=B5 C10=00
Vietnam - %T19,0,1F - -

Country Codes

Select the proper country code for your current location. The country codes vary depending upon the telephone system. Additionally, some countries may have more than one country code.

Country Location Country Code
Albania U.S.
Antigua and Barbuda U.S.
Armenia U.S.
Aruba U.S.
Australia Australia
Austria Austria
Azerbaijan U.S.
Bahamas U.S.
Bahrain U.S.
Barbados U.S.
Belarus U.S.
Belgium Belgium
Bermuda U.S.
Bolivia U.S.
Bosnia-Herzegovina U.S.
Brazil Brazil
Brunei U.S.
Bulgaria U.S.
Canada U.S.
Cayman Islands U.S.
Chile U.S.
Chile Chile
China (Mainland) China
Columbia U.S.
Costa Rica U.S.
Croatia U.S.
Cyprus Cyprus
Cyprus U.S.
Cyprus Israel
Czech Republic Czech Republic
Denmark Denmark
Dominican Republic U.S.
Egypt U.S.
El Salvador U.S.
Equador U.S.
Estonia U.S.
Federal Republic of Yugoslavia U.S.
Finland Finland
France France
French Polynesia France
Georgia U.S.
Germany Germany
Greece Belgium
Greece Greece
Guadeloupe France
Guam U.S.
Guatemala U.S.
Guiana U.S.
Haiti U.S.
Honduras U.S.
Hong Kong Hong Kong
Hungary Hungary
Iceland Iceland
India India
Indonesia Indonesia
Ireland Ireland
Israel Israel
Italy Italy
Ivory Coast U.S.
Jamaica U.S.
Japan Japan
Jordan U.S.
Kazakhstan U.S.
Kenya U.S.
Kenya Israel
Korea Korea
Kuwait U.S.
Kygystan U.S.
Latvia U.S.
Lebanon U.S.
Lithuania U.S.
Luxembourg Luxembourg
Macao U.S.
Martinique France
Maylasia Maylasia
Mexico U.S.
Moldava U.S.
Morocco U.S.
Netherlands Antilles Netherlands
Netherlands/Holland Netherlands
New Zealand New Zealand
Nicaragua U.S.
Nigeria U.S.
Norway Norway
Oman U.S.
Pakistan U.S.
Panama U.S.
Paraguay U.S.
Peru U.S.
Philippines Philippines
Poland Poland
Portugal Portugal
Puerto Rico U.S.
Quatar U.S.
Republic of Macedonia U.S.
Reunion France
Romania U.S.
Russia Russia
Saudi Arabia U.S.
Singapore Singapore
Slovak Republic of Slovakia Slovak Republic of Slovakia
Slovenia U.S.
Spain Spain
St. Thomas U.S.
Surinam U.S.
Sweden Sweden
Switzerland Switzerland
Syria U.S.
Tajikistan U.S.
Thailand U.S.
Trinidad U.S.
Tunisia U.S.
Turkey Turkey
Turkmenistan U.S.
Ukraine U.S.
United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates
United Kingdom United Kingdom
United States U.S.
Uruguay U.S.
Uzbekistan U.S.
Venezuela Argentina
Vietnam U.S.
Virgin Islands U.S.
Yeman U.S.
Zimbabwe U.S.

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