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Sexy desktop apps and config


This page provides information about creating a beautiful desktop, available applications via the SliTaz package manager and configuration file examples or tweaks. Wbar and Tint2 desktop

First install the required packages:

  • wbar
  • tint2
  • nitrogen
  • cairo-clock

We have to create, modify or configure 3 files in your personal home directory (click on the link to download files or check the bottom of the page):

  • ~/.wbar
  • ~/.config/tint2/tint2rc
  • ~/.config/openbox/autostart

Wbar and Tint2 configuration files don't exist if you've never started the applications before, but Openbox autostart scripts should exist since it is the default Window Manager on SliTaz. Save the attached configuration files and put them in the correct directory.

The cairo analog desktop clock needs the “Composite” extension enabled and a composite manager running (both activated by default on SliTaz). If you use Xorg you must adjust your xorg.conf file. The composite manager we use in Slitaz is called xcompmgr, it is light and has some command line options for shadows, etc.

To automatically execute all applications when your X session starts you must edit the Openbox autostart script with your favorite editor or use the GUI $(desktopbox autostart) to add the following lines:

# Start the Freedesktop standard menu panel.
#lxpanel &

# Tint2 - Simple and clean panel.
tint2 &

# Desktop Wallpaper with Nitrogen.
nitrogen --restore &

# Desktop effects composer (xcompmgr -c -r 10 &).
xcompmgr &

# Wbar icons panel.
(sleep 4 && wbar -above-desk -bpress -pos top center -isize 24 -jumpf 0 -zoomf 2.0 -balfa 0) &

# Nice clock for the desktop.
(sleep 2 && cairo-clock) &

Make sure to comment out lxpanel and modify PCmanfm preferences to let Nitrogen handle the desktop background. To choose your image:

$ nitrogen /usr/share/images

Now logout and login again into your customized desktop. Or kill the current process and then restart the applications:

$ killall lxpanel
$ tint2 &
$ wbar -above-desk -bpress -pos top center -isize 24 -jumpf 0 -zoomf 2.0 -balfa 0 &

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Link to download .wbar file
Link to download tint2rc file

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