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System Tools

Clex - Command line File Manager

To navigate through your folders and directories you can use cd on the command line or install the Clex File Manager:

 # tazpkg get-install clex 

Using ncurses, clex is fast and easy to use and can be configured through the files ~/.clexrc and ~/.clexbm (bookmarks) or via the panel (ctrl -g). To start clex from a terminal or console:

 $ clex 

PCmanFM - File Manager

PCmanFM is a file manager providing many useful functions for daily tasks such as managing devices, opening terminals in the current directory, tabbed browsing, drag and drop, creating directories or managing file permissions. It contains bookmarks to allow you to browse faster, search functions and much more. PCmanFM can be launched with some command line options - you can set the wallpaper to display or open folders in new tabs, etc. For a full list of options:

 $ pcmanfm --help-all 

PCmanFM supports hotkeys (firefox) and the context menu (right click on file/directory) makes it easy to unpack .taz .gz archives, compress and create archives.

Htop - View system processes

Htop is a system process viewer that displays cpu load, memory state (RAM) and swap used. It can also display the number of tasks, uptime and PIDs of active processes. Htop can be used with the keyboard in console mode, the mouse with a X terminal (xterm) and provides configuration options (F2). Htop can also kill processes - you can select items with the up/down arrows or a mouse click. Note htop also functions via SSH and can be used to monitor a remote server:

 # tazpkg get-install htop 

LXTask - Graphical system process viewer

LXTask is the default process viewer in SliTaz. It offers the same functionality as Htop, except for the ability to control it remotely. You can start it from the System Tools Menu → Task Manager.

Mountbox - Mount devices

Mountbox is a small GTK+ application to quickly mount media such as a USB drive, hard drive or cdrom. Mountbox can be launched from a terminal or via the Tools menu (System Tools). Simply specify the peripheral (Device) and the mount point, ie. the directory where you want to access the media in question. Typically a CD is mounted on /media/cdrom, a USB key on /media/flash and disk drives on the local machine on /mnt. Note the Handbook also contains more information.

Gparted - Partition a hard drive

Gparted is a graphical application making it possible to manage the partitions of a local hard drive or USB media. It allows you to reformat, resize or check a partition on a hard drive and is the tool of choice if you need to prepare a partition to install SliTaz. Gparted supports proper GNU/Linux filesystems (ext2, ext3 and ext4) via mkfs, and Parted automatically handles dependencies.

Support FAT and NTFS filesystems

To have the support of FAT16 or Windows FAT32 filesystems, you must install the package dosfstools. To enable read/write support for NTFS partitions: fuse, ntfs-3g and ntfsprogs.

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