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Contributing to SliTaz

There are so many ways you can help out with the SliTaz community. If you have a little free time, anything from artwork to package testing would be greatly appreciated!

Post a quick message to the forum or mailing list if you're unsure about anything. We don't bite!

We have a Community Network where you can write blog posts, share wallpapers and images, and more. We encourage anyone that contributes to SliTaz to use this platform to show off their hard work!

Developers & Hackers


If you are comfortable with the Linux compiling process (configure, make, make install), you can help by creating SliTaz packages. We have an automated tool to build packages from source called Tazwok. All SliTaz packages contain a receipt - a text file where you control the building process using some variables and functions. You can browse the wok to see some receipts and understand how they work. Please take time to read the Developer's page beforehand and practice locally with some new or existing packages.

When you feel ready to start cooking, read the packages cooklist, pick one and test. You can submit your receipts to the Mailing List or contact a SliTaz dev, so that we can review the work and give you access to the repos.

Package Testing and Debugging

You can help SliTaz by testing packages and reporting bugs on the Bug Tracking System. We have some Package Testing Guidelines. You can use the testing project on the Labs, the forum or the mailing list to report any missing dependencies, unexpected package behavior, or wrong configurations, etc.

Writers & Translators

Take a look at the SliTaz Documentation Guidelines, pick your page and go! At this stage, we just need solid contributions which will then be reviewed and updated. We're undergoing a Summer of Documentation, in which we're concentrating on all the docs. You'll be in good company.

There's many areas in which you can help:

  • Are you experienced with SliTaz?

Go for the Guides. They take users through a process and range from customising your desktop to getting networking set-up. If you've had success with a procedure or feel one could be improved, this is the place for you!

  • Are you a general Linux user?

Take a look at the Handbook. A lot of general introduction to SliTaz, Linux or available software can be written there. Some people find it difficult to write technically, others struggle with more generically informative writing. Both are needed, in describing the topic and scope before brief instructions.

  • Do you speak non-English?

Translations are very important to the global audience SliTaz attracts. We need speakers of the above languages to ensure non-English readers experience better translations than automated services can provide! Those are the locales supported by the SliTaz system. We are aiming to add more in the future – if you can help, please do!

Artists & Designers

Wallpapers make a huge impact on the first impression users receive. Some reviews barely comment further on artwork than the wallpaper!

PR & Journalism

(Could we put together some blurbs or short pieces of writing for the press & community? Maybe contacts for them?)

Page Review Section
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