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Frequently Asked Questions

Listed here are the most frequently asked questions from the user forums. Please check here to see if your problem has been fixed before starting a new forum thread.

These are organised into per-scenario groups - from system-level through to the desktop. Within each, a symptom describes a give-away identification of the problem; a widely-working solution is then outlined.


Package or Software


Questions Still Unanswered?

No problem! We are happy to hear your question over at our Support Forum – or even the Mailing List if it is a more lengthy discussion – once you have looked through our documentation!

Answering questions takes time however, to answer them well slightly longer. This time could be better spent for other necessary things, like improving SliTaz or writing documentation.

Your first post should include the following things:

  • detailed information about your hardware
    • e.g the manufacturer and model of your computer, motherboard or (even better) detailed chip information. The latter can be found by running the following command and uploading the generated SysInfo.txt file:
echo '=== PCI Devices: ===' >> SysInfo.txt && lspci >> SysInfo.txt && echo '=== USB Devices: ===' \ 
>> SysInfo.txt && lsusb >> SysInfo.txt && echo '=== Kernel Modules: ===' >> SysInfo.txt && lsmod >> SysInfo.txt
  • precise information about your SliTaz installation:
    • which version to you have? Stable or Cooking?
    • are you using the standard ISO or a specific flavor (XVESA, Lo-RAM etc.)?
    • is it installed on a HD or on an USB stick?
    • do you know which file-system you used?
  • identify when your problem appeared:
    • was it just after installation or after an update?
    • were there any changes to your normal usage pattern or configuration?

This should provide enough system information for help to be provided.

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