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Desktop Applications

  • Utilities - Calculator, Text editor, Create CD/DVDs and ISOs.
  • Office - Word processor, Personal organizer and PDF reader.
  • Internet - Web browsers, IRC chat client, mail client, BitTorrent and FTP.
  • Graphics - Computer graphics and Image management.
  • Development - SHell scripts, Perl, Python and Toolchain.
  • Multimedia - Sound, music and video.
  • System Tools - File & Disk managers and other tools.
  • Window Managers - Openbox, Pekwm, JWM, Enlightenment, dwm and others.

System Administration


Server Applications

About this Handbook

This is the SliTaz GNU/Linux English Handbook, a collection of instructions and manuals about the distribution. This book is a community effort to provide high quality documentation for SliTaz users, the first page was created on the 26 of February 2008. The SliTaz Handbook is always in development and follows the distribution changes and improvements.

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